Immigration bonds are handled differently than “normal” criminal bonds. Whereas criminal bonds may be posted 24/7 and are usually set at the time of arrest or when the defendant is brought before a judge, immigration bonds may take from four to ten business days before the court renders a decision as to whether or not it will grant bail. Families are very much involved in the court’s determination of granting an immigration bond since the court desires the maximum assurance that a detainee will appear as directed.

Immigration bonds are posted during normal business hours and the detainee is released several hours later. Immigration does not process bonds on weekends or federal holidays, nor are there any releases during these periods, but our office is ready to help 24/7 in order to speed up the process. We will prepare the paperwork and have it ready when the immigration office opens for business. Collateral for immigration bonds is limited to: real estate, land, cash and credit cards. We can discuss the details of your collateral further by phone or in person. Just give us a call. The consultation is free and your information is confidential.